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Natasha Bickner

Professional Coach

I began as an intern with Level shortly after my first figure show. Since then I’ve worked with hundreds of women who want to look and feel better.  Helping women reach their goals is the most rewarding way I can spend my time.

I started as a college student who wanted to live differently than my fellow students. I chose to take care of my body, make healthy decisions and push myself to be the best me.

Like anyone, my journey hasn’t been without bumps. I’ve competed and dealt with post-show weight gain.  I fall off from time to time like anyone pushing their limits but I always fall back on my core habits that I established early on. There’s no replacement for hard work and good decisions over time, something I talk about with my girls almost daily. Don’t forget to focus on the basics and remember where and why you started. Go as slow as you want, just don’t stop moving.


Coaching with me

My coaching system is specifically designed to help you reach your goal, whether that’s fat burning or building muscle, we can do it.

With my unique approach, we’ll tackle everything you need to hit your goal. Training, nutrition, supplementation, mindset, motivation, and most importantly, accountability.

I’m so confident in the results I can provide my clients, that I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Click below to learn more.

What you can expect coaching with me

I’ve competed twice and completed my own transformation, I know what it takes to achieve real change. You can expect a relentless drive to reach your goals, high detail explanations, in-depth programming and constant communication.

Build Muscle - Burn Fat - Be Fit

Your body will speak for itself. My programs are backed by a team with over 80 years of experience. You won’t find coaching like this anywhere else.

Who I work with

I do my best work with young adults looking to lose body fat and maintain or increase muscle mass.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

Level Coaching is so confident that you will love our coaching experience, see amazing results and feel better, that we are removing all worry and doubt by offering you an Unconditional 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee! Give us a chance and commit full to your program as directed by your personal Level Coach. If, after following our program for up to 30 days, you feel that Level Coaching has not been the experience you expected it to be, for any reason, we will unconditionally refund your money!