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20 Simple Tips To Kick Start Your Healthy Lifestyle

20 Simple Tips To Kick Start Your Healthy Lifestyle

20 Simple Tips To Kick Start Your Healthy Lifestyle

20 Simple Tips To Kick Start Your Healthy Lifestyle

20 Simple Tips To Kick Start Your Healthy Lifestyle

When first trying to create new habits to pursue a healthier lifestyle, it can be fairly overwhelming.  We are under the impression that you NEED to do a complete overhaul of EVERYTHING all at once. We have to completely rearrange the pantry, schedule, social circle, hobbies and interests – all within the first week of making a goal to improve our own health.


Well I am here to tell you that you don’t. It doesn’t have to be scary.  It doesn’t have to cost outrageous amounts of money or force you to completely rearrange your schedule or abandon your group of friends or family activities and traditions.

The one thing I find with a lot of people trying to adopt some healthier habits and lifestyle changes is that they tend to bite off more than they can chew right from the get go.  They make huge, and occasionally unrealistic goals, and then get overwhelmed as they try to change every aspect of their life all at once.  All of this leads to becoming stressed and overwhelmed and potentially falling off the wagon – which can even lead to resentment of the process and not wanting to continue trying to make healthier choices or lifestyle improvements at all.

I am such a firm believer in making simple, attainable changes over time, and create lasting lifestyle based habits to build a sustainable lifestyle.  I want to help anyone I can improve their health and fitness level, all while going at it in a stress free way – to really make sure they LOVE the process, they love the journey, and they reach their goals in a way that maintains both their physical and mental health!

Here, I have compiled a list of 20 tips and tricks you can incorporate into your daily routines over time, without scaring yourself away from the process, and see the results needed to keep incentive high to keep moving forward.   By keeping the changes small, simple and attainable, and introducing them as you feel comfortable, it will not be too much of a “culture shock” for you, and keep you highly motivated to continue changing your lifestyle for the better.

1. Choose Water Instead of Sugary Drinks.

Aim to drink 2 liters of water per day instead sugary drinks and juices.  If you do need some flavor to get your water in, try adding a slice of lemon or even trying infused water.  Mint, berries, cucumber and citrus fruits are all great options to give your water some more of a taste, and make you want to drink more!

2. Get Moving.

Whether that means simply parking further away in the parking lot, or walking the long way to the mailbox, simply moving more will give you those endorphin’s and prepare you to get more active! Also, if you have a fairly sedentary job, be sure to get up and take a walk, stretch or even try a couple body weight squats to get your body moving and your heart pumping.  A good estimate is once every hour, simply stand up and move before sitting back down if possible.

3. Use Smaller Plates.

People have a tendency to always clear their plates at meal times, even if they aren’t always hungry.  Using a smaller plate will force you to take smaller servings, and eat only until you are satisfied.  Just be sure to avoid taking second helpings, as this will defeat the purpose!

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4. Slow Down Eating.

Be mindful at meal times. Turn off distractions, such as television and cell phones.  Put your fork down between bites, and really taste and enjoy your food.  Listen to your body – when hunger cues have subsided, stop eating.

5. Watch your Portion Sizes.

Be aware of portion sizes when eating at home.  Instead of having large dishes on the center of the table, try dishing up plates at the counter before moving to the dinner table to eat.  When dishing up, always start with lean proteins and vegetables before adding starches to your plate to ensure you don’t use up all the valuable plate space with sides!  Also, not having direct reach to the food will help prevent overeating with second and third helpings.

6. Be Prepared.

Meal prep will save you not only from using time as an excuse to eat poorly, but it can even save you money from avoiding take out foods whenever you just don’t feel like cooking.  Preparing individual meals in advance can be a great way to practice portion control as well; you can only eat what you have packed for lunches at school or at work.

7. Use a Day Planner.

Make a commitment to yourself and take time each week to plan your week.  Plan your workouts, social gatherings, family time and “me” time to ensure you have no excuse to skip out on it.  Every morning, review your daily plan to ensure you are prepared to accomplish the day’s tasks, and focus on being productive; not just “busy”.

8. Join a Boot Camp or Group Exercise Class.

Buying a gym membership can be very intimidating for most people, especially if you have never stepped foot in a gym, or haven’t been to one in years.  Ask a friend, and join a group class together to ease yourself in.  A lot of gyms offer group classes, or health clubs have varieties of classes that last only certain amounts of weeks at a time.  Also, check your local recreation center postings, as they may have season – specific classes offered as well.

9. Remove Food Temptations at Home.

By simply removing the junk food from your pantry at home, the urge to eat poorly will be drastically reduced.  Swap the snacks high in sugar and empty calories for pre-made single serve bags of fresh fruits, vegetables or even nuts. See my meal prep post for more options on having healthy food on hand.

10. Start & End the Day with a Glass of Water.

Before reaching for the cup of coffee right after waking, start with a glass of water first thing.  It will help you start off the day feeling refreshed, and end the day on the same note.

11. Be Aware of Portion Sizes and Food Choices When Eating Out.

I am by no means saying you need to give up date night or girls night out.  But be aware of the menu options you are choosing, as most entree items tend to have enough calories for multiple meals!  Even most salads can be enough for two, and are hiding extra calories in dressings and extravagant toppings.  Try sharing an entree, packing half to take home, or ordering salads without dressings.  Then head home for a yogurt and berry parfait at home! (Or this Protein Cheesecake!).

12. Strive for Deep Sleep.

Make a conscious effort to try and get the best sleep possible, every night.  Go to bed early, turn off screens and silence phones, and spend the last few minutes before sleep reading or journaling.  Turning off the stimulation to your brain from phone and TV screens will help signal your brain you are about to rest, and reading a good book or journalling about the positive parts of your day will help you end the day on a good note.  Ensure your room is dark and quiet, and if you do have trouble falling asleep, it may even be beneficial for you to have a meditation/relaxation mix playing softly.

13. Take your MultiVitamin.

Include a multivitamin or multimineral in your daily routine.  Sometimes we don’t get all the nutrients we need from our food, and supplementing with a multivitamin may help to close the gap on deficiencies you could be experiencing.

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14. Learn to Cope With Stress.

Whether you work a stressful job or find yourself in a stressful situation, ensure you are giving yourself the time to let go.  Whether that means a meditation session alone, or journaling, yoga, or a massage, be sure to allow yourself to “de-stress” every once in awhile. Carrying the extra tension will harm you in the long run, and could seriously damage your health and well being (not to mention the people around you!).

15. Eat More Protein.

Protein is not only vital for hormone production and general health and well being, but it will also help keep you full for longer; therefore warding off some of those cravings you have been susceptible to.  Try for a fist – size of lean protein at each meal to satisfy you now and hours later!

16. Don’t Be Afraid of Fats.

Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, healthy fats won’t make you fat!  In conjunction with protein, fats help keep you satisfied longer, and can defer those late night cravings for junk food.  Be sure to keep in mind you are getting plenty of Omega 3’s, whether from natural fish sources or supplementation as well.

17. Keep Upbeat Music on Your iPod.

Listening to upbeat music, even when you are feeling tired and down, has an uplifting effect that can pull you out of any funk! Listen while driving to get you in the mood for a workout, and don’t be afraid to do some steering wheel dancing (safely!).

18. Set Goals.

Setting goals can be crucial to ensure that you stick to plan for what you most want to achieve.  Specific goals need to be written down, with an achievable timeline arranged.  Telling a friend or loved one about the goals you have set for yourself can help keep you motivated during moments of weakness and ensure you stay on track.

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19. Keep Good Company.

Be mindful of the people with whom you choose to spend your time.  If you start noticing patterns of negativity and your closest friends or family not supporting you, be the bigger person and simply ask for respect as you take on these new life changes, and invite these people to join you in eating healthier and getting more active.  A healthy lifestyle is meant to be enjoyed, and it makes it much easier to have a solid support system on your side!

20. Be Positive!

And last but certainly not least, make a conscious decision every day to choose positivity! Avoid negative thoughts and people as much as you can, and choose to always look on the bright side; and be prepared to welcome happy, healthy changes into your life!

As you can see, kick starting a healthy lifestyle does not need to be confusing, overwhelming or complicated!  Making simple changes, and adding healthy habits into your existing lifestyle is what will make these changes sustainable. Create a lifestyle you ENJOY.  That is the only way to ensure you will stick to it!

And to ensure accountability and continued motivation, hiring a coach who will be in your corner every step of the way may be that added key of accountability you need to ensure you are always remembering your goals even on those tough days! Level Coaches are knowledgeable and experienced – and always have your best interests at heart. I will always want you to reach your goals even more than you do!  As coaches, we have your back at ALL times – we support you when you are having a tough day, reminding you of WHY we are doing what we are doing, and are there to celebrate every win with you. At any time of day, ask any question you have – we are there for you no matter what!  

We will always have your health as our first priority, and will not sacrifice your overall health for a physique goal.  You can trust us!


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